The Core of Music

The Core of Music

So much metal.

"Metal music is negative, destructive, and hateful."

DevilDriver:Life is hard, no one makes it out alive, seek higher ground. No matter how bad it gets, there's someone worse off than you, seek higher ground. The world goes by you've gotta make it alone now, put that shit on the shelf and become a man. Work hard, count only on yourself, seek higher ground.
Arch Enemy:Stereotype fools playing the game, nothing unique, they all look the same. In this sea of mediocrity, I can be anything, anything I want to be.
Lamb of God:Take hold of my hand, for you are no longer alone, walk with me in Hell. You're never alone.
Coal Chamber:Don't compromise your ideas for anyone else, respect your mom and always think of her first, when I say to you "daddy loves you" understand I'm out in the real world again, I'm trying.
Pantera:Take under wing all the ones who are lost, build up around them an infinite wall.
Slipknot:Now I'm not pretty and I'm not cool, but I'm fat and ugly and proud, so fuck you.
Machine Head:The struggle of these years has made every scar the stronger, my lust for life the longer. I will fight for what I want, I will fight for those I care, I will fight at anytime and I will fight anywhere. With my heart aimed at the world, destiny I watch unfurl, as I wipe away the tears, I'll wipe away the tears. Don't give in, don't give up.
Children of Bodom:Take my hand and fly, will you ever be that tall, don't you be afraid, we're not gonna fall.
Nightwish:Over the hills and far away, she prays he will return one day. As sure as the rivers reach the sea, back in his arms is where she'll be.
Iron Maiden:I close my eyes and think of home, another city goes by in the night. Ain't it funny how it is, you never miss it til it goes way. And my heart is lying there and will be til my dying day.
Black Sabbath:I'm living in a room in a room without any view, I'm living free cause the rents never due. The synonyms of all the things I've said are just the riddles that are built in my head. Hole in the sky, take me to heaven. Window in time, through it I fly.
The Faceless:Follow me and I will show you where to follow yourself. In solitude above, watching down below.
Gojira:I've killed that part of me that was raging. The pain is gone. The denial, I've run away from institutions, I owe myself, life.
Dream Theater:To those who understand, I extend my hand. To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am. Not under your command, I know where I stand. I won't change to fit your plan, take me as I am.
Killswitch Engage:If we find the strength to unify, hatred is a weakness, you become the victim. I believe love will overcome. Time has come to make a difference, why have we forsaken one another?
Amon Amarth:No man should have to bury his child yet this has been my share, the tears I shed run bitter and wild, It's a heavy burden to bear. His body feels so light in my arms, his skin is pale as snow yet his weight feels heavy in my heart as my sadness continues to grow.
Ghost Brigade:Now, I'm still here to love you but I need you to be ready. One day you have to carry me and lay me down to the hole. It's a shame I'm not the light you need when you feel lost in the dark, It's a shame you can not follow me when I need to be understood

Read this on the internet…decided to share.

I once went to a concert with a friend (I don’t remember the band, she dragged me along) when I was 16. They were starting a wall of death and this guy who was flirting with me decides it would be funny to pull my top down, exposing my breasts, then throw me in the middle of this wall of death right as it’s about to meet. When I stumble in the middle and hit the wall someone screamed “STOP! EXPOSED GIRL!” and I thought they were all going to oggle at me. Instead, one guy quickly helped me cover up, three more helped me to my feet, and another asked who did that. When I pointed out the guy, two of them looked at him, me, each other, then nodded and punched the guy in the face before forcing him into the wall that was about to form again.

Metal men are gentlemenly as shit.

Dawn of the Apocalypse [Full album]

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